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Visigothic script is the graphic form the Latin alphabet acquired for the most common writing uses in the Iberian Peninsula and Septimania during the Early and High Middle Ages.

Visigothic script is the most characteristic medieval writing system of the Iberian Peninsula.

In this site, you are invited to explore Visigothic script from a multidisciplinary point of view.

Take a look at Littera’s specific content on:

  • Palaeography
  • Codicology
  • Semiotics
  • Diplomatics
  • History
  • Calligraphy
  • Art
  • and Music.

You are also welcome to suggest new topics!

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Useful resources

Which types of medieval sources were written in Visigothic script? How many codices? And charters? Where could one find them? In which archive? Are there digital surrogates of these sources available online? Where? Which is the correct terminology to describe them? Is there any study published about the manuscript source I am interested in? Whose work should I follow? Where could I learn more about Palaeography? 

In Littera Visigothica you will also find answers to those questions:

  • An online catalogue of Visigothic script codices
  • Links to many digitised sources for your perusal
  • A detailed glossary to know how to refer to their script
  • A list of basic published references 
  • An online tutorial on Visigothic script
  • Links to useful basic resources
  • and more!
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take part in the community!

Littera Visigothica appreciates that you want to know more about Visigothic script and wants to encourage you to continue learning about the script, its manuscripts and their cultural-historical context by reading Littera’s Blog. The blog will keep you up-to-date as for the latest additions to the site and will let you know about activities that could be of interest to you. You can subscribe to the blog and receive all this info by email.

Become a Visigothicologist!

Since it is difficult to learn or study a new topic alone, Littera Visigothica aims to build a solid Network of interesting and interested people to be in touch with each other and with other scholars who know plenty and do not care to share their expertise.

You are also welcome to collaborate in Littera writing or editing entries if you like.

And, Littera Visigothica is open to everyone and you are welcome to say hi!

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