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List of codices

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Welcome to Littera Visigothica’s catalog of Visigothic script codices!

Before using it please read this post about why and how I am doing it.

If you have any suggestions to improve it or if you want to collaborate with me, please let me know.


As I see it, the Littera Visigothica timeline of Visigothic script can be used as a great tool not only for knowing how many manuscript sources written in Visigothic script are out there but also for having an idea about the evolution and characteristics (time and uses) of the script, as well as knowing about medieval best-sellers for specific periods, for example. But, it is problematic because you cannot search directly on it (only database editors can do that). If I were a user this would upset me. I would like to make the database open, but in the meantime, I adapted my database timeline to an Excel sheet to enable you to see the data more clearly, download it and use it as much as you want.

-> Click here to open/download the list <-

(click on the image to enlarge)

The information contained in this sheet is currently very simple. The first column contains the ID (359 manuscripts, codices or fragments in Visigothic script!!). The next column contains the country, archive and shelfmark of the manuscript, its estimated date (please note that within the timeline you can see this by centuries, what will be the correct way), and, finally, a brief note about its content.

Once I have developed the timeline further, this list will be improved.

If you know about manuscripts or fragments in Visigothic script that are not listed here, please do let me know!

Suggested Citation: Castro Correa, A. “List of codices in Visigothic script”. Littera Visigothica (2013-2015), ‎(ISSN 2386-6330).

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