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This page aims to provide students or novice paleographers working on Visigothic script manuscripts with a basic knowledge of the art of Visigothic script. Some of the posts I have written so far on this blog are organized by topics below.

There is also a workshop on Visigothic script I taught at the Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies (Toronto) in the spring of 2014 at your disposal.

Main topics

Explicit Storie - Beatus of Liébana's Commentary

Explicit Storie – Beatus of Liébana’s Commentary


  • Palaeographical method [here]
  • Visigothic script. Definition [here]
  • Visigothic script. The name [here]
  • Typological variants of Visigothic script [one] [two]
  • Polygraphism [here]
  • Historiography: studying Visigothic script during the Enlightenment [here]
  • The genetic origin of Visigothic script. Finding an archetype [intro(more soon)
  • The chronological origin of Visigothic script. From when can we talk about Visigothic script? (soon)
  • The geographical origin of Visigothic script. Where does it come from? (soon)
  • First examples of Visigothic script. Codices and charters [catalog(more soon)
  • Visigothic script abbreviations and their evolution: [origin] [medieval period] [Visigothic script]
  • Visigothic script punctuation and its evolution [here]
  • Orthography of Visigothic script texts (soon)
  • Regional variants of Visigothic script I (areas) (soon)
  • Regional variants of Visigothic script II (evolution by areas) (soon)
  • Decay I. Visigothic script in transition to Caroline minuscule [context I] [context II] [graphic influence]
  • Decay II. Caroline minuscule with Visigothic script features (soon)


  • Pricking, Visigothic script style [here]
  • More on Codicology. Visigothic script codices: North vs. South [here]


  • About the process of writing charters [here]
  • When the archive loses its charters: reparatio scripturae in the Middle Ages [here]


  • The Medieval Chi-Rho in northwestern Spain [here]
  • Signs and social status: signatures on Visigothic script charters (I) [here] and (II) [here]


  •  Learning to write in Visigothic script (minuscule) (I) [here], (II) [here], and (III) [here]


This is my current plan of publications / posts that will appear, progressively, in Littera Visigothica. Suggestions accepted!

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