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As you can see, Littera Visigothica has changed! Now in a self-hosted domain,, all the contents of the old blog had been here re-arranged and edited, also adding some new things:

Translate Littera

You can read now Littera Visigothica is several different languages, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish, corresponding to the countries from which the blog received more visits last year. Right now, it is an automatic translation, meaning it is not perfect. Until more people get involved, it needs to be that way; I might add a multilingual plugging in the future.


To access this new feature, just scroll down until you arrive at the columns where the latest articles and the widgets are displayed. In the right column, at the top, you will see the “Translate” section. Click on the flag of your preferred language.


Another addition is the “collaboration open” add. Being the blog like it was, seemed a bit odd to include external collaborations, or better, to ask for them. Littera Visigothica is now a professional research website that has also a blog, and not only a blog.


If you enjoy reading Littera Visigothica, if you are working with Visigothic script manuscripts or on any topic related to their political, social, economic or cultural context, if you have read an article about Visigothic stuff and want to review it, or maybe just help me updating the Online Catalog, you are welcome! Your work will be credited. Also, if you want to be part of the Network for the study of Visigothic script manuscripts, please DO let me know.

Access to the content

You can access the content of the website as in the old blog: the same sections are at the top and the latest articles displayed below.


But, in addition, you can also access to the featured articles by clicking on the “read more” button (in green) within the main slider


… or within the “The next big thing” slider below it. Otherwise, you can also search on the blog (at the top right), or filter by tags (at the top left) or categories (on the column, near the latest articles).

All the links to the blogs I follow and some useful resources plus my Twitter timeline are on the footer.


If you want to follow the work I am doing, besides subscribing to this blog, you can also check my social media accounts at the top, over the main menu: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Flickr.


A final note. For those of you subscribed by email to Littera Visigothica, in the upcoming days you should start receiving the updates without having to sign up again. However, if you want to reaffirm your support, just in case the redirection of emails fails, you are welcome to do so.

Thank you all, and I hope this year brings us new exciting posts and, if possible, some new findings!


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  • Felicidades por el nuevo web. Y ánimos, Ainoa, eres una crack.

    Joaquim VENTURA 16th January 2015 8:05 am Reply

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