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Madrid, RAH, Cod. 20 Biblia de Quisio (late 9th century)

Madrid, RAH, Cod. 20 Biblia de Quisio (late 9th century)

With this blog I am trying not only to make the scientific community aware of the need to devote their attention to the study of Visigothic script, as to that of Insular, Beneventan, Merovingian or Caroline minuscule, but also to directly involve other researchers. One person alone cannot change the current situation, but we all together can.

I am posting about the state of the art, about some particular codices and about my research. There is also a section on this blog, the ‘Codex of the month’ just started, dedicated to reviewing the archival records of the codices identified and digitized. I aim to share this information to promote discussion. I do not intend to impose my point of view –I still have plenty to learn–, but to provide a starting point for improvement. So, if you believe that there is any inaccurate information on this blog please contact me.

Littera Visigothica is a site OPEN to everyone. If you want to collaborate you can help me by…

* updating the information contained in the online catalog,

* writing posts about any topic in relation to Visigothic script or Visigothic script manuscripts (including cultural and historical context),

* writing articles or book reviews,

* helping me with the ‘Codex of the month series’ if you happen to be working with a Visigothic script codex,

* editing some blog entries.

Important update! 🙂

I must express my gratitude to Nick Leonard, who is selflessly editing the website just because of his interest in medieval manuscripts. So many thanks, Nick!

Thank you!



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