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2015 in review: LitteraVisigothica, publications, and conferences

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Since 2015 will be soon over, I thought it might be a good moment to look back and summarise the year, how this site has done in the last months, share with you some news related to publications (if you read this blog I guess you will be interested), and remind you of some conferences I attended and some other things involving Visigothic script that are already organised for next term. In fact, now that I am thinking about it, I am going to do this each year, also adding publications on Visigothic script related stuff from other scholars (wouldn’t that be amazing?! – if you work on Visigothic script, and have some news to share, do let me know). So, let’s start from the beginning 🙂

I am going to keep this short. Yes, numbers. The site has been running for two years now, and it seems it is doing great. Since last year, visits have increased a lot, we are close to 27,000 hits, mostly, again, coming from the US. The most visited post has been “What is Visigothic script?”, which I think is quite logical, with more than 1,000 readers. Now, this is quite a crowd of people reading about Visigothic script stuff! I would like to know more about you; why are you reading, your thoughts about the contents, what would you like to find in here… All these sort of things. I have been considering to add interviews to visigothicologists, games to engage students in studying the script to be done in class, more reviews of publications, maybe videos? Ideas??

2015 contents (click on each title as link):


Well, I have not published as much as I tend to this year. I was most of the first part of the year working on my dissertation for the License in Medieval Studies at the Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies, and now working on the Marie Curie funded project VIGOTHIC. However, there is some news too:

(chapter) A. Castro Correa, “Palaeography, computer-aided palaeography and digital palaeography. Digital tools applied to the study of Visigothic script”, in Analysis of Ancient and Medieval Texts and Manuscripts: Digital Approaches, ed. by T. Andrews and C. Macé. Lectio: Studies in the Transmission of Texts & Ideas, volume 1. Turnhout: Brepols, 2014, pp. 247-272. [read abstract here]

This is a chapter I wrote a couple of years ago when I started to think in “Visigothic script goes Digital”.

(article) A. Castro Correa, “Observaciones acerca de los crismones empleados en la documentación medieval de la diócesis de Lugo (siglos X-XII)”, Scriptorium 69/2 (2015): 3-31. [read abstract here]

This is an article on semiology that might be of interest for those of you who work with charters since it gives a new way of dating them.

(review) A. Castro Correa, “Davies, W. Acts of Giving: Individual, Community, and Church in Tenth Century Christian Spain. Oxford University Press. Oxford, 2007, 244 pp”. Espacio, Tiempo y Forma. III. Historia Medieval 28 (2015): 549-553. [read here]

A review of a fantastic book I urge you all to read, if you have not yet.

And, for all of you who are interested in medieval history of northwestern Iberian Peninsula, and in charters, more news:

I am working – aided by a fantastic team of people – in the second volume of the “Colección diplomática altomedieval de Galicia”, which will include palaeographic and critical editions of all the extant charters from the Cathedral of Lugo written in Visigothic script. I do not know whether we will finish this by next year, though.

An article dealing with Pedro Kendúlfiz’s professional life will appear soon. The full reference: A. Castro Correa, “Pedro Kendúlfiz, notary of the royal chancellery of León: Training, career and graphic characteristics”, in Le scribe d’archives dans l’Occident medieval: formations, carriers, réseaux, ed. by J.-F. Nieus. Turnhout: Brepols. [read abstract here]


This term I participated in the V DigiPal symposium at King’s, the XIXth Colloque International de Paléographie Latine, and the London Graduate Palaeography Group also at King’s. I have not written about the first one, but there will be videos soon, I already wrote about the second one (plus, there will be proceedings of it), and the third was summarised in a post here.

For next term, I have organised four sessions on the change from Visigothic script to Caroline minuscule, and from it to Gothic scripts in the Iberian Peninsula, for the next International Medieval Meeting at Leeds (you can see the programme here). And, within the same congress, I will also be part of a round table discussing digitisation and how we deal with it, and present a paper entitled “VisigothicPal: la escritura visigótica al descubierto”. Would love to meet you there!


Last but not the least, the School of Advanced Study – University of London has given me the opportunity of adding Visigothic script to the exceptional list of courses that will be taught at the London International Palaeography Summer School (more here). The inscription to the course “Introduction to Visigothic scriptopens in early January!

Many thanks for reading, and Happy New Year!



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